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This page answers frequently asked quesitons and is meant to lead you through the basics of REES46 services. For detailed questions on different features, please address respective nested pages.

This page covers the following:


What Is RES46?

REES46 is a cutting edge SAAS software comprising all necessary advertising tools and featuring unique Niche Solutions. 

Based on both BigData and Progressive Personalization, employing unique industry-specific algorithms and advanced automatic segmentation, REES46 is a #1 choice for eCommerce marketing.

REES46 always knows what your customer needs and shares this insight with you. Based on a comprehensive virtual customer profile, we know every detail from browsing and purchase history to the particular character traits and interests of your customer. Empowered by this knowledge we recommend your customer exactly what he or she thinks of or plans to buy.

Our suite features:

  • Highly Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Personalization of Search Results
  • Marketing and Trigger Emails
  • Promotional and Trigger Web Push Notifications
  • Display Ads in Numerous Affiliate Networks
  • Dynamic Remarketing of Abandoned Carts
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Progressive Lead Generation
  • Offline Recommendations
  • mCommerce Solution
  • Niche Solutions


With our system-ready CMS Plugins, integration and necessary adjustments are pretty easy and can take up to 30 minutes. The moment everything is done, REES46 starts to generate you buys.

We do what others cannot to bring your customer the most exciting and luring shopping experience and you - stable and impressive conversion and revenue growth.


What Base Algorithms Does REES46 Employ?

REES46, in its basic package, employs 7 hybrid algorithms mainly based on Collaborative Filtering (from here - CF).

Following examples show what type of approach is used for generation of certain recommendations:

  • "You May Like These" – pure CF.
  • "Similar Products" – 95% of content-based filtering with 5% CF.
  • "Popular Products" – 95% of content-based filtering with 5% CF.
  • "You Recently Viewed" – browsing history.
  • "Customers Who Bought This Item, Also Bought" – pure CF.
  • "Recommended For You" – pure CF.
  • "Trending Right Now" – item- and content-based filtering combined with CF.

To make you an effective seller in a certain product category, we also offer you unique industry-specific algorithms.


Is There an Ideal Layout of Recommendation Blocks?

"Strive to perfection" is our motto but, as you can imagine, every online store has a different design and content. However, our experience shows that our basic layout fits the average online store and successfully raises conversions and revenue.


What Is the Optimal Layout Then?

First you should know the minimum requirements for functional Product Recommendations:

  • For a product detail page - 3 recommendation blocks
  • For a category page - 1-2 recommendation blocks
  • For home page - 1 recommendation block ("Popular Products")

Now, the optimal layout is:

Main page

  • Popular Products (uncategorized, bottom)

Category page

  • Popular In This Category (top)
  • You Recently Viewed (bottom)
  • You May Also Like (bottom)

Product detail page 

  • Frequently Bought Together (bottom)
  • Similar products (bottom)
  • You May Also Like (bottom)

Shopping cart

  • Recommended For You

I Just Added Recommendations to My Store. Why Cannot I See Some Blocks?

As different Recommendation Blocks employ different algorithms to generate recommendations, some Blocks may need more statistic and behavioral data to start working. In other words, it depends on your traffic and orders per day, and may take up to 24 hours.


"Recommended For You" and "Frequently Bought Together" Did Not Appear In My Store. Why?

The same reason as described right above. You store needs more traffic and orders per day to collect sufficient statistic and behavioral data. Give it some time and soon you'll see those two Recommendation Blocks working.


You Say Statistics Are Available Right After the Integration. Why Don't I See Any Yet?

To generate proper statistics in your personal account on, enough data should be collected first. Check the Dashboard and make sure every module you need has the status Enabled to ensure they've been all configured correctly. Sales diagram will appear the moment the first purchase is made and there is some data to analyze. Some other statistics may take up to day to appear, depending on your traffic.


I'm Having Trouble Working Out Your Triggered Emails. How Do They Work?

For the Tiggered Emails to work, you need to enable and properly configure Triggered Emails and Email Subscription Form in your personal cabinet on This done, every two minutes the visitor will see a subscription form on the page until subscribed or rejected to. Average conversion rate for this form varies from 3% to 10%. 

Triggered Emails ensure that a part of your visitors and customers return to your store and make or complete a purchase. These emails are sent to the visitor automatically, triggered by certain events (i.e. actions of the visitor). Triggered Emails sent rate is one Email a day. Overall, Triggered Emails are one of the most popular retention & reactivation tools because of their cost-performance ratio.

Total number of available Trigger Scenarios is 10 Trigger Scenarios. For full list and detailed description, please address Detailed Description of Our Services.


Where Can I See CTR Metrics for Product Recommendations?

Every click-through (except direct clicking Add to Cart in Product Recommendations - this functionality is CMS-dependable and may not be present in your CMS) is available in your Metrics (e.g. Google Analytics). Look for the "recommended_by" URL group. You can also expand the group and see what Recommendation Blocks generated you more traffic and, based on the performance, rearrange Blocks on the page (e.g. "Popular Products" may be positioned at the very bottom of the page rendering it inaccessible for the visitors as they very rarely scroll down that low).


What Is an XML Product Feed (XML-File)?

XML Product Feed is your catalog in the form of an XML-file. XML is a mark-up language that allows to keep databases with additional parameters, easily parsed and later used in different web technologies. Items included in your XML Product Feed are the items you mean to display in Product Recommendation that are the base of today's online marketing.Product Feed contains such parameters as, for example, brand, model, price, product availability status, etc.. Each item may also contain extended parameters in case you're a user of any of our Niche Solutions.

We're working on each of our system-ready integration plugins to make sure your Product Feed is auto-generated with no headache for you. So, if you're a user of a store built on CS-Cart, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop or Shopify, Product Feed generation does not require any additional actions from your side.


What Exactly Are Your Niche Solutions?

Every product category features its own peculiar selling algorithms, depending on the character and behavior of the target group. This is why different products require different selling techniques, a lot of times, drastically different.

This, sadly, means that base algorithms of any kind are useless for raising conversions and generating revenue in a lot of specific product categories. 

Take a few examples:

Example #1: Bags & Purses store. Recommendation Block "Frequently Bought Together" almost never works in this type of stores as practically every order consists of a single item. Also, customers, typically women, do not follow a linear behavioral pattern browsing the catalog.

Example #2: Wine & Liquor store. There are more than 30 different characteristics separating one type of wine from another. A bottle of red demi-sec from France will obviously differ from one of red semiseco from Chili.

Example #3: Apparel & Accessories. Any base algorithm will generate brand-specific recommendations but won't discern between men's and women's apparel. Learning only customer's gender, you can already better target your recommendations. We consider much more than just this single parameter.

REES46 developed unique advanced algorithms build to consider all specific parameters in the given product category.

Here is the list of the categories we have Niche Solutions for:

  • Adult Toys
  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Auto Products
  • Baby & Children Products
  • Construction & Repair
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Products
  • Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
  • Pet Products
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Finance

Additionally, REES46 features advanced algorithms for:

  • Content management
  • Event management
  • Coupon Campaigns

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