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Manual Integration

Read more about manual integration and necessary adjustments.

System-Ready CMS Plugins

Read more about semi-atomatic integration via our plugins for popular CMSs:

Main Settings (coming soon)

Read more about the necessary procedures that follow the integration:

  • XML Product Feed
  • Import Order History
  • Synchronize Order Statuses

Web Push Notifications Marketing (coming soon)

Read how to set up Web Push Tools:

  • Integrate Subscription Forms
  • Activate Subscription Buttons

Email Marketing (coming soon)

Read how to set up Email Tools:

  • Initial Email Marketing Setup
  • Upload Subscriber List
  • Adjust DNS Settings
  • Merge MailChimp with REES46
  • Merge GetResponse with REES46

Read our FAQ and learn about our services in detail:

Niche Solutions (coming soon)

Read about category-specific solutions for your business:

  • Niche Solutions:
    • Adult Toys
    • Auto Products
    • Baby & Children
    • Apparel & Accessories
    • Construction & Repair
    • Cosmetics & Beauty Products
    • FMCG/CPG
    • Pet Products
    • Real Estate

Troubleshooting (coming soon)

Find a solution for your problem (note that each section also has its own Troubleshooting page related to possible specific issues within it).

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