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1. Introduction

This document describes the installation process of REES46 module for your shop on Magento platform.

2. Short installation plan

  1. Register your shop  in REES46 system.
  2. Install the module on the site.
  3. Configure the module.
  4. Customize the appearance of the recommended products blocks.
  5. Check workability.

3. Step by Step Installation

3.1. Shop registration

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up and create a new shop
  3. Write down shop code and a secret key (long meaningless sequence of letters and numbers that you will receive after setting up the shop on REES46). Both are in the "Shop Settings" section.

3.2. Module installation

  1. Go to:
  2. Click "Install Now" button.
  3. Immediately afterwards, tick "I agree to the extension license agreement" and then click "Get extension key" button..
  4. Copy received URL, like this "" (in general, it should look exactly the same, so that the previous 3 points can be skipped).
  5. Go to the administration interface of your site.
  6. Then go to "System => Magento Connect => Magento Connect Manager".
  7. Enter login and password of your admin's account, if required.
  8. Paste the paragraph 4 of line like "" in the "Paste extension key to install" text field.
  9. Click "Install" button.
  10. Click "Proceed" in table with module version below.
  11. You will see green text on black screen. If as a result it ends width "Cleaning cache . Cache cleaned successfully"  then the module is sucessfully installed and you can go to 3.3 section. If you see an error, copy error text and contacts us.

3.3. Module setup

  1. Go to module settings: System => Configuration => REES46 Recommendations (to the left in "General" section).
  2. Go to the module settings and insert shop key and private key (obtained in paragraph 3 of section 3.1) in "API Key" and "Secret Key" respectively. 
  3. Save changes.
  4. Setup is finished.

Что делать, если экран настройки модуля выдает 404 ошибку?

If you get the error "page not found" while trying to open module settings screen, follow next steps:

  1. Clear site cache.
  2. Log out of admin center and log in again.
  3. And it should work.

Reason: error with permissions to install modules in Magento 1.7...1.8.

3.4. Customize module appearance

We have tried to make the base blocks of recommended products most suitable for the majority of shops. But if you want to change the design of the blocks, you can use our CSS editor.

Each block of recommended products has the same structure. You can edit CSS for this structure on website in the "Making the recommendations" section of your personal account.

3.5. How it works

After installing the module as data become available  blocks of recommended products will appear on your pages:

  • Main page:
    • popular products (without category).
  • Category page:
    • popular products (on the top);
    • recently viewed (in the bottom);
    • you may like it (in the bottom).
  • Detailed product view (all in the bottom):
    • also bought;
    • similar products;
    • you may like it.
  • Cart page:
    • don't forget to view.

Blocks do not appear immediately, but after a few minutes (or hours if the traffic to the site is very low).

4. Advanced setup mode of recommended products blocks

By default REES46 module for Magento uses a simplified installation mode and automatically arranges blocks of recommended products under the scheme referred to in paragraph 3.5. If the proposed scheme does not suit you, or, because of the characteristics of the template of your website, blocks appear not where it was expected, set the unit to manual mode (in the module settings: System => Configuration => REES46 Recommendations => Manual Blocks Embed) and arrange the following recommendation blocks on relevant pages via templates or edit the content of pages.

Installation of the block lies in the placing of specialized HTML-tag in the correct place on the page.


If you use the extended blocks installation mode then it is required to remove all the placed recommendation blocks before uninstalling the module . Otherwise, some of your pages can become inaccessible until you remove these blocks.

4.1. Main page

Place all three blocks or more of them on the main page of your site:

<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="popular" data-title="Popular products"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="interesting" data-title="Perhaps you would be interested"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="recently_viewed" data-title="Recently viewed"></div> 

4.2. Category page

Place all three blocks or more of them on category page:

<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="popular" data-title="Popular products in this category" data-category="<?php echo Mage::registry('current_category')->getId() ?>"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="recently_viewed" data-title="Recently viewed"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="interesting" data-title="Perhaps you would be interested"></div>

4.3. Product page

Place all three blocks or more of them on the page to w the product detail:

<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="also_bought" data-title="Also boughtт" data-item="<?php echo Mage::registry('current_product')->getId() ?>"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="similar" data-title="Similar products" data-item="<?php echo Mage::registry('current_product')->getId() ?>"></div>
<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="interesting" data-title="Perhaps you would like it" data-item="<?php echo Mage::registry('current_product')->getId() ?>"></div>

4.4. Shopping cart

Insert specified recommendations block in the template of shopping cart:

<div class="rees46 rees46-recommend" data-type="see_also" data-title="Don't forget to view"></div>

5. Operability test

Test is done in following steps:

  1. Turn on the Developer Console in your browser.
  2. Find the Network tab (or "Network"), where queries are displayed when you refresh the page.
  3. Enable filtering mode only for XHR-requests.
  4. Check, if there are requests leading to

5.1. Event dispatch test

  1. Go to to the product page.
  2. Make sure that the request leads to

5.2. Check the request of recommendations of the request

  1. Go to the main page and make sure that the request leads to
  2. Go to the main page and make sure that there are three request leading to
  3. Go to the main page and make sure that there are three request leading to
  4. Go to the main page and make sure that the request leads to

6. If the recommendation have not yet appeared

The recommendations may not appear immediately - it all depends on the traffic of your site. If your site is in checkout process, then statistics are collected and will soon start appearing. But be sure to check the correct installation on items 4.1 and 4.2.

Если что-то не получается

Contact us at

7. Possible difficulties

7.1. Orders are not marked as recommended

Perhaps the site uses SEO-plugin that monitors the opening of the item card and if there is a GET-attributes in it, then deletes them. It is necessary to disable this plugin.

List of such plugins:

  • Creare Seo. To solve the problem, you need to toggle the module property "Enable Canonical Product Redirecting" to "No".

8. Contribution

REES46 is a free professional advisory system, which purpose is to allow a personalized approach to the client of any online shop. If you are an expert in the development of modules for Magento and you want to improve the module, send pull request in repository

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