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Do not test Web Push notification functionality in incognito windows of any browser. You cannot use Web-push notifications in the incognito mode.

This topic helps you activate Web Push subscription buttons on your website. If the visitor blocked your Subscription Form, the form will no longer appear. However, you can use the subscription buttons to prompt the visitor to subscribe again.  

To activate the subscription buttons

  •  Embed into selected page of your website a link or a button of the rees46-web-push-subscribe-button CSS-class .

To clarify, consider the following example:

<a class='rees46-web-push-subscribe-button'>Notify me about current status of my order</a>

          REES46 automatically finds all similar elements on your page and activates Web Push Subscription Form upon clicking these elements:


If the visitor has already subscribed to Web Push notifications, REES46 will hide all buttons of the rees46-web-push-subscribe-button CSS-class .

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