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This topic helps you merge your GetResponse account with REES46account.

This page covers the following:

Marketing Emails

Create a new template in your personal account at GetResponse.

Choose where you want to display product recommendations and insert this code:

{{EXTERNAL "[[email]]"}}

All is prepared, and you can launch your email campaign.

Required arguments

shop_idstringCopy and paste your unique Store Key that you find in your personal account on (Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings)

Optional arguments

ArgumentTypeBasic valueDescription
category_idstring Use this argument if you want to recommend a selection of products from a certain category and all subcategories inside it.


Triggered Emails

Create a new triggered email campaign


For triggered emails you need a new campaign with disabled "API subscriptions" option in the settings of your newly created campaign (Settings > Permissions).

  • Open and log in.
  • Create a new campaign. Name it rees46triggers_shop_id (where shop_id is a placeholder for your actual number in the system; you see it in the address bar viewing your Dashboard on; e.g. 1925 in

A new campaign named rees46triggers_shop_id is necessary for the trigger emails to work.


  • Navigate to the settings of your newly created campaign:

  • Navigate to "Permission" tab and uncheck the checkbox "API subscriptions" to disable this option:


Create New Custom Fields in "Contacts"

  1. Open, click Contacts in the top menu and choose "Add Custom Field".
  2. Add the following custom fields for the following trigger scenarios:
Trigger scenario
Field nameField typeFormat

The checkbox "Don't show this custom field to subscribers when

they manage their subscription settings."

Abandoned cartrees46_abandoned_cartText (single line)Text (single line)Check the box
Abandoned viewrees46_viewed_but_not_boughtText (single line)Text (single line)Check the box
Recent purchaserees46_recently_purchasedText (single line)Text (single line)Check the box


For example:

Create a Template for the Triggers

Create a template for each trigger.

Insert in each created template this code snippet (right below the header "Cart Content"):

{{EXTERNAL "[[rees46_abandoned_cart]]"}}

And this code (right below the header "You May Also Like These":

{{EXTERNAL "[[rees46_abandoned_cart]]"}}

The address includes the two following arguments: trigger_type and rees46_trigger_mail_code. Set the chosen trigger type as their value:

Trigger typeValue for the 'shop_id' argumentValue for the 'trigger_type' argumentValue for the 'rees46_trigger_mail_code' argument
Abandoned cart

Your unique Secret Key from

(Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings)

Abandoned view

Your unique Secret Key from

 (Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings)

Recent purchase

Your unique Secret Key from

 (Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings)

Template example including two blocks of recommendations
<h2>Products your left in your Shopping Cart</h2>

{{EXTERNAL "[[email]]&rees46_trigger_mail_code=[[rees46_abandoned_cart]]"}}

<h2>You also may like these:</h2>

{{EXTERNAL "[[email]]&rees46_trigger_mail_code=[[rees46_abandoned_cart]]"}}

Create an Autoresponder

  • Open, click Messages in the top menu and choose "Create Autroresponder".
  • Set the autoresponder type to "Data change"
  • choose the trigger type from the drop-down list (e.g. rees46_abandoned_cart)

  • Set "Send Message" to "immediately"
  • Press "Choose" and choose the template you just created for the given trigger type
  • Set the name according to the chosen trigger type
  • Click "Save"
  • In the list of all autoresponders., switch the toggle to "ON" for the given autoresponder

Connect GetResponse and REES46

  • Open and click Dashboard in the top-right corner
  • Once on the Dashboard, click Emails in the top menu and choose "Mailing Settings"
  • Choose GetResponse in the drop-down list named "Mailing Service"
  • Copy and paste the GetResponse API Key to the corresponding field
  • Click Save Settings

Turn On Corresponding Trigger Scenarios

  • Open and click Dashboard in the top-right corner
  • Once on the Dashboard, click Emails in the top menu and choose "Triggered Emails"
  • Click on the chosen trigger scenario to enter its settings

  • In its settings, switch the toggle to "ON" in the top-right corner

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