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This topic explains how to integrate REES46 app with your online store built on the Zoey platform. 

This page covers the following:


Add Your Store to REES46

Before installing the module, add your online store at 

To add your store 

  1. Sign up for REES46 site:
    • Open this page

    • Create your account

    • Add your store

  2. Note down your Store Key and Secret Key.


Store Key and Secret Key are unique identifiers that look somewhat like this: 640e3aq6dd5e70c8156e75238bf4e2. They will be used to access REES46 functionality via our API.


You can always find your Store Key and Secret Key in your personal account on (Dashboard > Settings > Shop Settings).


Install REES46 App

This section helps you install REES46 App and integrate your store with REES46.

To install REES46 App

  1. In Zoey Administration Panel on your site, navigate to Apps.
  2. Click Browse More Apps.
  3. Scroll down to REES46 to find the app and click it when found.

  4. Click Add to My Apps on the opened app page.


In case of any errors, please, copy the error text and contacts us at


Configure REES46 App

This section helps you configure the basic settings of REES46 App.

To configure REES46 App

  1. Navigate to the module settings (Zoey Admin Panel > Apps).
  2. Click Manage next to REES46 App.
  3. Turn the Module on switching the toggle Enable to Yes.
  4. Paste the respective values into Store Key and Secret Key field.
    NOTEYou can always find your Store Key and Secret Key in your personal account on (Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings).

  5. Click Save Config to save the changes.

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