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This section helps you upload a list of your current subscribers for the Email Marketing Tool to work properly.

This page covers the following:


Upload Your Subscriber List

To get full functionality and all benefits from trigger and marketing emails you need to upload a list of your current subscribers.

How to Upload the List

To upload the list, consider the following steps:

NOTE: To clarify, consider the following example of PHP-code.

  • Send an HTTP POST request to the following URL:
  • Use the following HTTP header in the process: Content-Type: application/json
  • Each request should be limited by 500 entries.
  • Use JSON as the body of your request, following this format:
    NOTE: 100 placeholder stand for the ID of the customer. placeholder stands for the email address of the customer.
  "shop_id": "1234567890",         // (required) Store Key
  "shop_secret": "0987654321",     // (required) Secrte Key
  [                    // (required) Array of subscribers
      "id": "100",                 // (required) Customer ID
      "email": ""  // (required) Email 


Sending requests with an empty audience array or absent the array will trigger an error notification email.

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