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 This topic explains how to set up REES46 Order Synchronization feature.


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Our system supports three order statuses: new order, complete order and cancelled order (incl. fake orders).

Main purpose of our Order Status Synchronization is to differentiate real orders from orders that will not be completed (cancelled, fake, prank). It also calculates the amount of our CPA commission and your monthly KPIs. The Synchronization helps increase effectiveness of our triggered emails and allows you to see a detailed KPI report anytime. 

How to Enable Synchronization

Open your Shopify online store settings in the left menu and go to the Checkout. Paste the following code into the field Additional scripts (Order processing section):

Code Block
titleAdditional scripts
<script type="text/javascript">
{% if checkout %}
    window._r46_order_number = {{ checkout.order_number }};
{% endif %}


Note that if any such code as, for instance, analytics counters is already present in the field, our code above should be inserted prior or past that, keeping the existing code in tact.

Don't forget to save the changes.

How It Works

The synchronization is performed automatically when the product feed (XML) is updated and at the same intervals. You can set up a product feed (XML) update period in the store settings in the REES46 account.

Where the Info about Real Orders Is Displayed

Order status information is displayed in the first from the left table column - on the page Orders, in your REES46 account. Order status statistics are displayed on the KPI page.

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