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This section explains how to install, arrange and configure Product Recommendation Blocks on your website.


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Add Recommendation Blocks

This section helps you embed Recommendation Blocks into your website pages. You can use pre-installed recommendation blocks or create your own. The blocks can be configured in the REES46 personal account.

To add a new Product Recommendation Block in REES46 personal account

  1. Click on the "Add block" button on the "Product recommendations" page in your REES46 personal account.

  2. Enter the block name. This name will be displayed in REES46 statistics, so use the ones you understand, like "Popular (on the main page)" or "Also bought (on the cart page)". The name can always be changed later. Choose the number of products you want to display in the block. This value can be changed later.

  3. Change the block rules.
    • The "Action" element displays a title that will appear above the product recommendations block on your site, so you need to use clear and popular titles, like "Popular products", "Popular in this category", "Similar products", etc.
    • Select the appropriate algorithm for the block in the "Algorithm" element.
    • Additionally, you can create different conditions to use multiple branches of block logic. To do this, just click on the corresponding icon and select the necessary element.

  4. For CS-Cart in the "Performance" section, only the unique block identifier is required from the offered block code. This identifier will be used when creating a block in the site layouts below.

  5. The "Template" section can be left unchanged because a product card template is used in the CS-Card directly from the site theme.

To add a new Product Recommendation Block to REES46 add-on

  1. In the administrative area of the site, open the "Design" - "Layouts" section.
  2. Select the page template on which you plan to place the block.
  3. You can use an existing section to place a block or create a new one. To do this, click on the icon. Note that only a block can be added inside an existing section, and new sections are created only outside other sections.
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  4. Select "Add block" and in the opened window select the "Create new block" tab and REES46 template.

  5. In the "General" tab enter the name of the created block. This is an internal name, so use clear expressions to easily navigate among the created blocks, for example, "Popular (on the main, vertical)" or "On the product page (horizontal)".

  6. In the "Block settings" tab copy the block identifier in the "Unique code of the recommendation widget" field, obtained on the 4th step of block-creation. Also, choose the block orientation - horizontal or vertical.

  7. When you finish the settings, remember to save the block and move the block inside the section, because the new block can be placed at the bottom of the section by default.

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