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This section helps you synchronize order statuses to improve real-time personalization in your online store


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There are three order types in our system: new order, complete order and cancelled order (incl. fake orders).

Main purpose of our Order Status Synchronization is to differentiate real orders from orders that will not be completed (cancelled, fake, prank). It also calculates our CPA commission and your monthly KPI. Synchronization helps increase the effectiveness of triggered emails and allows you to see a detailed KPI report anytime. 


If you change order statuses in your CS-Cart store's back office (e.g. using an external CRM for that), enabling Order Status Synchronization in REES46 account settings will result in triggered emails not working properly and mess up your statistics as well as refunds for cancelled orders.

How to Enable Synchronization

To enable it, please send a request to

How to Synchronize Order Statuses

To perform synchronization 

  • In CS-Cart Administration Panel, navigate to Manage Add-ons (Add-ons > Manage Add-ons).
  • Find REES46 in the list of installed add-ons.
  • On the right to the add-on, click the Settings gear button and then click Settings.
  • In Settings click Synchronize Order Statuses.

    Perform manual synchronization every week to keep your statistics and analytics up to date.

    Automatically at the moment of next product feed generation (XML), if REES46 generator is used.

    Where information about real orders is displayed

    Order status information is displayed in the first from the left table column - on the page Orders Report in your personal cabinet on (Dashboard > Analytics > Orders Report).

    Statistics are displayed on the KPI page (Dashboard > Analytics > KPI). You can also see on Dashboard the time last synchronization was performed at (final line in Events Tracking).

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