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  1. Identify the user by the unique identifier normally stored in the REES46 ad-serving cookie. Users therefore in many cases receive the same ad repeatedly because rotations of ads are based on the unique user identifier.
  2. Display personalized ads based on user interests.
  3. Collect any data about the user’s interactions with online advertisement and online experience on the web sites.
  4. Facilitate similar actions or collection of information for such purposes by other targeting systems used together with REES46.

To opt-out from REES46 cookie just click on this link:

To opt-in again for REES46 cookie click this link:

V. Final provisions

  1. By clicking “Confirm” or “I Agree”, as well as by a continued use of Our Services, You confirm that You fully understand the content of the Cookie Policy, and that You personally, freely, for your own benefit knowingly and willfully accept it in the form it is presented on the website with all amendments that may be introduced to it. The amendments that are introduced to the Cookie Policy will be immediately published on Our website, therefore We highly recommend You to visit this web-page on a regular basis.
  2. The Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Personal Data Policy form an integral part of the Agreement and shall be considered only in conjunction with each other.
  3. The original text is composed in English and translated into other languages solely for the information purpose. In the event of discrepancies between the versions in other languages and the English version of the Cookie Policy, the English version shall prevail.